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My new book is now published. I wrote it in a hurry because I felt the information in it can help so many people that are currently, in some way, part of the epidemic. When my mother was diagnosed, she was 91 and still living alone. I had no idea of what Alzheimer's or any kind of dementia were. I had to take care of her. As she declined, my involvement increased. I was lucky I could dedicate all my time and energy to her. I had to learn about all the turns and twists the decease produced. I was clueless. My book was written from a diary I kept from her diagnose to her death. It is a practical manual about "What the heck do I do next?" A position I found myself in often.

I have had very positive feed back from those who have read it. It is a "must read" if you are having to deal with the decease at all.

Marta May




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