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Abuse Is On the Rise! Or is it?

I once tried to count how many of the people I met were abuse-free. The number was overwhelmingly zero. Sure, there were many that believed themselves "free" but those were just people in denial.


As the economy has gotten worse, frustration has increased. The government has taken away so many of our rights to privacy under the guise of "protecting us from terrorists." This is abuse in many ways, but the statement that makes me the angriest is: "You must trust us to keep you safe!" Give up your control of your own life and we will protect you. Sounds like the Catholic Church!


Basically, that is what most abusers tell their victims. "Without me you are nothing. You need me." It is so easy to want to be taken care of. It is part of being human. We would much rather be at the beach with a margarita in our hands. It is hard work to be alive.

To add to the "frustration element" why are so many people abusing coffee? Coffee is a drug, and a very powerful one. In tropical countries they know how to drink it; A small cup, a tiny cup. In Miami you can buy a shot of coffee at practically any corner, a tiny shot of it. I see people ordering triple espresso concoctions that would blow the top of most people's head off! Not only are they expensive, (you could give the down payment on a house if you abstain for a year) but no one should be allowed to drive under the influence. Road rage... Hello!. Add a gun to the road rage and I wonder why they do not test how much coffee the people arrested for drive by shootings had in their system.


I would like everyone to become aware of their actions towards others. I would like everyone to eat healthy, organic foods only. I am convinced that many of the "teenage-related crimes" can be avoided if the teenager had parents that had paid attention to their children's eating habits as they were growing up. Sugar... a no-no in so many ways! Much of the "bad behavior" can be reversed or stopped through a healthy diet.


It all comes down to very basic behavioral changes. So, go organic. It is not really any more expensive, because a healthy system requires less food. Learn and teach your children. Being a good parent requires work! Having children is a huge responsibility! It is not simply about the few seconds of an orgasm! It is a lifelong commitment.

— Marta


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