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Love is the Only Thing That is Real

Have you ever felt real love? It is warm and cozy. It makes you feel yummy. It is not something fleeting or temporary. It lingers and it always feels good.


Just think about that anytime you get angry at someone else's stupidity. We are all human. Maybe you notice the similarities in your own behavior, past or present!


I do not mean someone else's "deliberate evil acts"... I mean someone who just made a mistake while we were in a great big hurry.


We are always in a hurry... I wish it wasn't so. I am working at giving myself more time to get to my appointments/destinations. I am also working at minimizing my commitments and spending more time doing the things that matter, rather than things that waste time.


We must slow down if we are to rediscover kindness. A smile goes a long way towards reassuring someone of our humanity.

— Marta


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