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Feeling abused

Today I realized what I have been feeling is abused. No one seems to be able to abuse me physically, in fact those instances have been few, but emotionally? Take a number. Now I have a huge abuser in my life. It is one my mother predicted would take over but she (God rest her soul) had no idea of how bad it could get...No one did. I am talking about our current government. I was hatting Trump (I still do, I always will) and everyone who has succumbed to his rhetoric and is supporting him. I am ashamed of it; I needed better understanding. I would say, "how can anyone support such an individual and follow him so blindly." I know that fear is the way the abusers get you.

Yesterday I spoke to a very dear woman I have know for years. I love her to death. She is an emigrant like myself. She is a professional, intelligent and self motivated and a very strong, kind, wonderful human being that I respect. Yet when our conversation ended, I realized that she was defending the current government. She asked me if I liked Communism. Of course I replied "how could I, we left Cuba running away from it." Among many other things, in the course of our conversation, she told me her story and then that she has "worked really hard for what she has and does not want anyone to take it away from her." That seems to be the underlying theme with people that vote for Trump. They are coming from a place of fear and think that there is not enough to go around, so they better hold on to what they have. They do not realize how close they are to actually losing it all...Their freedom, their money, their ability to walk and talk as they wish, their ability to read any book they want, the ability to write music, write poetry, express what is in their minds....the very future of their children and grandchildren....their independence.

Sharing anything with those less fortunate than themselves, does not occur to them. No way can I not like my friend, or can I? Can I have her in my life at all? So I am left with trying to understand her reasoning. It only makes me more anti-Trump. If he can get to someone like her, he is a master of manipulation and propaganda as never seen before. Today I am sad. I have added three more loved, respected, long time friends to my list of I want to continue a relationship, no matter how old and treasured, knowing that those "friends" are so selfish and blind? Trump is a fascist among other things. He is right up there with the big ones! I cannot believe I would ever say this, but Fidel was a lamb in comparison! What to do? Get people to vote. We cannot change the stupidity of those already under the spell. Not even if they are emigrants themselves, or because their children will burn in hell if Trump stays .......nothing seems to work. How can anyone justify his illegal and immoral daily actions? He has killed millions of Americans with his idiocy about Covid. Peoples rights are being trampled. He has encouraged civil war. The list is so long. The country is divided, and I am sad for my part in it. How can anyone defend the separation of human beings, mother and babies? There is absolutely no excuse for violating human rights, no matter whom is involved, but really, mothers and babies? Any one who votes for him is one step away from being a criminal themselves by condoning such behavior. Do I really want those people in my life at all? But we can get the ones that understand, to vote. If we vote in mass, we can get rid of what is going on and reclaim Democracy and our Constitution, no matter how much they try to tamper with the election. We need to make a lot of changes, but thanks to "The Trump Thing" those changes that need to take place have been identified.

This is not time to sit at the beach and drink Margaritas. We need to do something or our planet, our environment, everything that is beautiful and precious is going to disappear.....including everything we "have worked hard for."

They say we manifest our worst fears if we are not mindful. Between fear and greed (not wanting to share with those more unfortunate than ourselves), people are shooting themselves in both feet, by allowing the antichrist, who is so violent, greedy, sick, selfish, and every other negative adjective that exists, to become our lord and master; King.

Get off your "comfort zone" and vote! All our lives depend on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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