• Marta May

Mass Shootings.......

As a new devastating mass shooting has taken place and taken the lives of 10 people, gun control comes to everyone's mind. I started thinking that sure, we need to make sure that guns do not reach the hands of the wrong people, but who are the wrong people? How do we weed them out?................. It is my humble opinion that any employer should start by having absolutely no tolerance for "bullying" on the job. It should start at schools. So many times we blow off complains of children and young adults being the subject of bullying or ridicule. We can start there. Absolutely no tolerance! We need to also let people know that it is not OK to make fun of others. People also need to feel safe and protected while registering a complaint of being abused, and employers need to take such complaints seriously.

We need to report any possibility of a person acting in a manner that could prove potentially dangerous to themselves or others.

Abuse damages people. Abuse causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It could start at home, or at school, and years later manifest into a hate of anyone who might trigger a response.

It is all about learning at an early age KINDNESS towards other human beings. None of us is "Perfect" and "Perfect" is subjective. There is no such thing as "Perfect." We are all one.


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