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Power corrupts.

Power is addictive.

Addictions are powerful.

Some people can handle power, others abuse it.

There seem to be three stages of addiction. By the time the person has reached the third stage, they are not coming back; unless a catastrophy or other event such as reaching bottom, gives them the will to survive it.

Most addicts give in and abandon themselves to the pleasure or detriment of their addiction. They make a lot of people suffer before they are stopped or die from it.

Some people are not meant to ever acquire or manage power. They cannot be trusted with it, just as some people just cannot cook!

Those people, who's mentality is so limited, If allowed to wield just a bit of power, can succumb to its addiction.

If not stopped, they will become intoxicated by it and proceed to hurt others.

When an addict is in stage three of addiction, they will stop at nothing to continue lost in its foes. It could be an addiction to alcohol, sex, food, stealing, drugs, power, etc.

If the addict happens to have more than one addiction at a time, they will stop at nothing to get their fix.

If they identify a particular person or organization as the ones trying to curve, stop or take away their addiction, they are truly and positively dangerous.

One addiction can lead to another.

They will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, even kill. They can experience psychotic episodes (during which they do things they do not remember later.)

They use others to further their cause.

Do not ever allow yourself to get caught in a space, with that person, from which there is no quick exit.

I find myself in a position where I have been identified by an addict as the one that is not allowing them to get their fix.

That person thinks I will interfere with what they have gotten away with for a long time.

I really did not know or cared about what they had been doing, but others, accidentally, put me in that position in their eyes and I have been getting it with all barrels!

I think the addict has chosen the wrong person to abuse and humiliate. They have crossed my boundaries to the point that there is no way I can morally justify backing down. If I do, I will not be able to live with myself.

Their gig is over.


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