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Time goes by..........

Updated: Apr 25

It is hard to believe, that fifty five years ago my mother had to drag me onto an airplane. My Mom my brother and I were leaving Cuba for ever on our way to Mexico City and in transit to the USA.

My parents have passed, but my brother and I call this day "freedom day." Our parents left everything behind, including their families, to give my brother and I a chance at growing up free. It is hard on so many levels to be an immigrant. Their action in making me one, kind of forged the rest of my I feel about abuse.

Today now marks another milestone in my life. I have quit being part of an association I have belonged to during the past 26 years. When it comes to abuse, I must practice what I preach. So much sadness went into the decision, but I cannot watch as people are being abused and do nothing. I tried to help, but we all know that "the only person you can help is yourself."

You can only help when asked to do so.

There is a book I would like to suggest everyone reads....."Addictive Thinking and The Addictive Personality" It is really two books in one volume, by Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. and Craig Nakken.

Happy April, Happy Spring.

Freedom is the ultimate high.............I feel free!



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